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India is one of world’s youngest and fastest growing country and Maharashtra is one of India’s youngest and highest GDP state with booming economy. India as well as Maharashtra has 50% population below age group of 25 and 35% population between age group of 18 to 40 which is leading the change in society and nation.

Result is Declared

Award Categories

Ambassadors of Indian Cyber Crime

Nominee should be Police, Government Officers Involved in Governance and Shaping of Technical Investigation.

Backbone of Indian Technical Academics

Nominee should be associated with education sector or founder/promoter of institution/ colleges/ universities.

Techno Legal Pioneers of India

Nominee should be Lawyer, Social Activists, involved in governance and shaping of future of India.

Fortune Hunters of Digital India

Nominee should be an Information Security Analyst & Forensic Expert, Cyber Crime Investigator Etc.

Trendsetter of Technology of India

Nominee should be a Businessman, Startup Founder, Entrepreneur, Corporate Employees, Social Entrepreneur Etc.